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Dealeuse – the chic brand with the shocking name

A combination of silk, velvet, microfibre, ribbons, fringes, fur and many other materials allow the designer to give free rein to her imagination, in order to design a chic and unique piece known as the Dealeuse scarf.

What we all need is an accessory that no one else is wearing!

Dealeuse aims to shock, but emphasises negotiation and compromise. Various stages are crucial whenever a Dealeuse scarf is designed, which include selecting the finished fabric, combining various materials and matching colours perfectly, in order create the design and size that make it unique.

The ultimate aim of this deal specially put together for you is to create an accessory that you can take anywhere, whatever the season, occasion, what you are wearing and how you feel. Now it’s up to you to snap up the scarf that will never leave your side! Visit your nearest dealer as soon as possible…


The concept – unique creations for all

Looking for an accessory to add the perfect finishing touch ?

The Dealeuse brand offers unique pieces, which are created by combining a variety of carefully selected materials. These fabrics and trimmings come from all over the world and provide you with a huge choice of high quality textures and colours. The Dealeuse scarf is designed exclusively in Belgium.

Each scarf is made using two, three or four different fabrics. The finish plays a vital part – a single touch is all it takes to create a different and unique piece, which will make you feel at ease, regardless of the situation. The Dealeuse scarf adds the perfect finishing touch, further highlights your beauty and makes the most of how you look. The different materials and colours used make it a timeless accessory for your wardrobe. Wear it as much as you like!

The secret can be revealed – this unique scarf was created and personalised exclusively for you!

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A childhood dream come true

Dealeuse was created by 45-year old mother from Belgium who always loved sewing… After studying haute couture modelling and a highly varied career in different sectors, she returned to her roots three years ago, when she began to sew and create unique pieces.

By keeping up with current trends and her customers, she wishes to develop her business and work more closely with shops selling middle and top of the range accessories in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

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Each scarf is a new project for its designer.


Silk, velvet, microfibre, ribbons, fringes, fur.


The Dealeuse scarf adds the perfect finishing touch.

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